Tips on a Research Paper: Should College Athletes Be Paid?

Head coaches in colleges are paid millions of dollars while student athletes have to subsist on a scholarship, or worse, not get any payment at all. Though this might seem like a gross injustice, it’s the truth and one which provides fodder for the writing of amazing essays on the topic. When you’re dealing with this sort of a sensitive issue, it pays to be careful during the development of the paper. Below you’ll find some effective tips and tricks that will enable you to write a good quality paper without slipping up and impress your tutors.

  1. Never adopt a strong stance before the research
    Since you’re writing a paper on the subject of financial discrimination against college athletes, you are expected to investigate the phenomena, not offer your personal opinion on the subject. Yes, it might seem wrong and something does need to be done about it, but this is hardly the platform to express dissent. Keep it professional and classy. Always look at the situation from an objective perspective, rather than focusing on a single viewpoint. Multiple viewpoints will enable you to expand the scope of your paper while, at the same time, drawing attention to what matters.
  2. Do not generalize under any circumstance
    • A lot of researchers have a tendency to connect everything to the matter of gender, race, or sexual orientation. This might be construed in either a positive or a negative manner.
    • Before writing a particular point in your paper, always think about the connotation it has and the impact it will have on your readers.
    • Saying the wrong thing about the college athlete situation may rub your readers the wrong way; so, always focus on the facts, rather than hearsay.
  3. Never include controversial opinions
    It’s possible that you might have a few strong words to say regarding the whole thing but never do so in your paper. Irrespective of your beliefs and your stance, you should try to deconstruct the whole situation and see whether there is any merit to the matter or not. It’s best if you are able to leave out your personal feelings from the equation and present a non-biased idea to the readers of your paper.