Part of a Research Paper

Your research paper can only attract readers and good grades when it is well arranged and has all the essential parts included in it. No matter how many ideas you have in your research paper, if it is not interesting, you won.t pique anyone's curiosity. This is why you must consider the parts of a research paper.

Every research paper must start with the full knowledge of the topic and also include the review of the documents read to put it down. The further you write, the more precise you get and then propound the necessary theory to solve complicated issues.

There are fundamental parts of a research work that must be included in every research to achieve a better write up in research work. The parts are to enable you to have an organized write up and follow the general rules of writing. Here are the elements to include in the research work:

This is the beginning of your work and must introduce everything you will be talking about in your write up. This part might include your conclusion and a few questions you will be discussing in the body of your work.

At this point, your research work is considered important. You can decide to write it later, but it must be put first before the body of the work. A beautiful research work introduction can be divided into three parts to ease the writing. The first is to talk about the problem of the topic to address. By doing this, you are giving your readers a hint on what interests you about the subject. The second is to highlight how you intend to solve the problem concerning the topic. Lastly, identify your opinion about the issue. 

The method used in finding a solution to the research work is the method that must be identified here. There are different approaches to solving research work, depending on the field of study.. The point is other researchers must be able to use the same method and get the same result as yours. You don't necessarily have to explain the technique to full detail, highlight the equipment used and a few things you did.

This solely depends on the aim and target of the research work. It requires explaining what you arrived at, from the method used.

This is the point where you explain and explicitly argue the result obtained. The result and discussion must align because your analysis is based on the result. You should also remember your introduction at the discussion level.

Finally, your conclusion is a recap and a complete explanation of your research work. It must relate to your discussion and your final opinion about the research work. You can also compare your result and discussion with other researcher’s findings.

Reference your work correctly by using either an APA or MLA format or whatever the instruction says to use.  Your referencing makes your work comprehensive enough for all your readers and also gives them a chance to read the same materials you used.

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