Suggestions On How To Begin A Research Paper Introduction

For most challenging aspects to sitting down and actually writing your research paper is the introduction. Many students are unsure of how they should begin the introduction. Finding be subjects and the supporting evidence necessary to make your argument is the easy part. Sitting down and bringing all of that information together in introduction can be quite challenging.

  1. 1. If you're struggling on how to start your introduction it is best that you thoroughly understand the purpose it serves first. This part of your paper is designed to work in tandem with the conclusion as a frame or supporting structure to the body of your arguments. It is with this frame that all of the information you research and present is held together. Without a proper frame your argument will simply fall apart and your reader will be left confused and alone.

  2. 2. You also want to understand the general structure that it should for fulfill. In any research paper the starting paragraph should represent roughly 10% of the total length of your assignment. This will obviously vary based upon the total length of your assignment. Those who complete shorter research will have shorter beginning paragraphs compared to those who have upwards of 20 pages. Not only should this part of the assignment constitute roughly 10% of the finished product but it should also contain approximately one sentence for every key points or body paragraph that you have. It's means that if your research paper is roughly 5 pages in length with nine body paragraphs, the start of your assignment will contain roughly 1 half page and nine sentences for each of the body paragraphs .

  3. 3. This is of course a rule of thumb something which is general and not necessarily an exact science to which you are beholden. If you run a bit over 10% that is perfectly acceptable and if you are a bit under 10% that is also acceptable.

  4. 4. Finally, it is best to focus most of your effort on grabbing the attention of your reader. This is the first exposure they have to your topic in your research and that is why you must take great care to present what you have in such a way that they are engaged immediately and want to continue reading the rest of your project. Make sure to use startling statistics, facts, or quotes from experts to really grab their attention.