Psychology Research Paper Topics

Psychology is one of the most interesting branches of science, and has recently got many people interested in studying it. It is a subject that links people’s emotions with their subconscious. If you are a student of psychology, at some point you will be required to write a psychology research paper. The first step to this kind of writing is choosing a topic. If your instructor does not give you a topic to research, then you will be required to find a topic for yourself.

There are many psychological topics that one can study. However, you need to identify one that is most suited depending on the subject you would like to study. Also, it has to be of the right scope; not too narrow and not too broad. Again, you have to choose one that you are passionate about so that you do not struggle to find materials or write the paper. To help you in the search for a great topic, below is a list of topics you can explore:

  1. What causes severe changes in attitudes about religion?
  2. Discuss the factors that affect social cognition in a family
  3. What are the main causes of racial discrimination and prejudice?
  4. The effects of divorce on children and how to manage them
  5. Discuss the most harrowing learning difficulties and their effects on people in the marketplace
  6. The importance of psychological therapy for divorcing couples
  7. Does relocation affect children’s mental health processes?
  8. The best family therapies for children with behavioral disorders
  9. What are the best ways to measure the attention span of children of different ages?
  10. Effects of eating disorders in society and what can be done to manage them
  11. Discuss the loopholes on co-parenting and how effective structures can be developed
  12. Substance abuse and its effects on teenagers
  13. The effects of speech disorders on children and how they interact with their environment
  14. How can society adjust to physical disabilities and their effects?
  15. Discuss the psychological effects of miscarriage on young families
  16. The use of interpersonal relationships in shaping behavior among young adults
  17. Immigration and its effects on a family’s emotional processes
  18. Cultural believes about miscarriage and their effects on those affected
  19. What is the importance of social identity in modern society?
  20. The best ways of dealing with bereavement as a family
  21. Effects of divorce on children and how to handle them
  22. How to prepare and adjust to geographical relocation
  23. What are the long term effects of abortion on teenagers and how can they be alleviated?
  24. Factors that affect problem-solving abilities in toddlers
  25. Is color psychology an effective tool in cognitive development studies?

Final Remarks

Psychology is interesting but if you choose the wrong topic you will end up with a paper that neither excites you nor the reader. To avoid this kind of writing menace, make the necessary efforts to find a great topic for your study. The list provided here will act as a guide during your search.